Welcome to TekkenNetwork's Zdaemon Servers

Server Info
Hexan = tekkennetwork.com:10667
Heretic = tekkennetwork.com:10668
Doom2 = tekkennetwork.com:10666
Doom = tekkennetwork.com:10669
Isaac Doom = tekkennetwork.com:10671

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Recommended Client Specs for all ZDaemon Games

  • Any Processor chip that isnt a Dorito.
  • 256mb of Memory Windows9x
  • 1Gig of Memory for Windows 7 / 10 32bit
  • 2Gigs of Memory for Windows 7 / 10 64bit
  • Basic Video Card that Displays 16 bit or 32bit Colors
  • 1Gig of Harddrive Space
  • High Speed Internet Dsl/Cable of 1mb down


Server System Specs

  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2407 Quad Core 10MB cache each
  • 192GB of DDR3 1600 ECC buffered Memory
  • Nvidia Geforce 770 3GB GDDR5
  • 8TB Raided WD 15k SATA Harddrive
  • DVDROM Drive
  • Dell SAS 6/i w/2gigs of DDR3 Cache Raid Card "Battery Backed"
  • SigmaTel High Def Audio
  • Intel Server Pro Dual 10GB NIC Bonded 20GB LAN
  • Server Admins are LingXioayu, DemonToaster.

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